While anonymous solicitations of the romantic nature are always welcome, it is particularly hard to enter a relationship when one has not been introduced to her would-be significant other.

And so, I must offer you the gentlest of refusals and the sincerest of apologies.

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You guys )(ave happened upon my dream bubble! I )(ave quite a lot of time you sea, so please ask some QU-ESTIONS!

T)(ese two will be joining me in this endeavor!


Plus they )(ave my S-EAL OF APPROVAL!

Go forth and pose inquiries towards these equally bored acquaintances of mine.

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I do hope they imparted good things.

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Why, yes it is.

How kind of you to notice.

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It may be a pajamas night, but it’s also a night ripe for ultimately meaningless interrogation.

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Strangely, there don’t appear to be any gardening implements in this receptacle.

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…I find a few things to do with my spare time.

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She’s taken to the crafting of so many things for my sake that such an adoption is almost inevitable! There are some days when I feel like little more than a walking, talking dress-up doll.

She has no love for these garish old god tier pajamas, though. I just happen to find them particularly comfortable, and my personal style has always been more geared towards comfort than towards fashion.

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Oh, she’s as collected and gracious as ever, I suppose. But I suspect that she, like all of us who have been trapped on a meteor with pubescent interspecies teenagers for the past several years, is going just a bit stir-crazy.

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Perhaps one behind in particular.

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